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Our unique demand driven approach has shown great results among our customers within the first months of operation.


decrease in required stock


increase in realized margins


increase in realized sales


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America Today

“Thunderstock has revolutionized the way we think about stock, we learned that being agile is paramount in optimizing stock operations. The tool allowed us to reduce the stock levels significantly, while also reducing missed sales. The agile stock position paid off during the corona pandemic, where it allowed us to quickly respond to change in demand patterns caused by store closings.”

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MS Mode

“We used to manage stock using advanced numerical optimization tooling, while it was effective at dividing stock across our channels, it did not look at customer demand and the idea of “enough” stock. Over time stock levels kept growing, forcing us to manually transfer goods weekly. Currently, Thunderstock streamlines our allocation & replenishment, but also allows us to approve proposed transfers easily.”



Our partner New Black is a software company and the creator behind EVA, an unified commerce platform. This revolutionary proposition replaces complex IT landscapes and allows interaction with consumers in new ways, on a global scale. With their global coverage of POS systems and real time stock/order insights, New Black perfectly fits with the Thunderstock proposition. When combining our products, it will allow clients to instantly make use of all Thunderstock modules.

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Our partner Nedap is a software and hardware company, active in different fields. Their philosophy of simplifying problems and allowing focus for their users, fits perfectly with Thunderstock. Their proposition of RFID is where our worlds touch, it allows retail stores to get close to 100% stock accuracy. We believe that this is crucial, when you want to maximize profit out of the Thunderstock modules. Also our fully integrated platforms allow for out of the box use cases, such as Thunderstock transfer proposals in the Nedap iD Cloud application.

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